Static Blender For Silo

The problems of feedstock homogeneity will be well recognised by plastic moulders. With the increased interest in the use of recycled material, Barton saw an opportunity to develop an improved static cone blender back in 2008. Since then the company has supplied over 40 blender units.

The blender benefits from zero power usage and requires no maintenance, as it works using a cleverly designed static mixing unit within the silo. Every customer requires a slightly different solution as each type of plastic feedstock material has its own flow characteristic. This property relates to a number of factors including particulate density, morphology and coefficient of friction.

Barton bespoke static blender unit

To optimise the design of new silos a scale trial unit is produced in which the blender cone dimensions and angles can be altered. In this way the best mixing result can be obtained and proved before full scale production begins. In addition, as the demonstration unit is made of clear acrylic, a dynamic demonstration, using different coloured feedstock, can show how effective the mixing is.

Free field trials at customers' sites can be arranged and any plastic moulder who wishes to review the latest technology to improve their in-silo feedstock mixing is invited to contact Barton to discuss their application.